Our ears deserve way more credit than we give them aside from allowing us the ability to hear. However, your ears do more than just help you hear things; they can also give insight into your current health status as well. You probably only think about your ears when you are doing something like putting in earrings or listening to music through headphones. But, if you pay a little bit more attention to the two things on the side of your head, you might be able to detect some health symptoms. Here are six things your ears can reveal about your health.

6. Clogged Arteries

clogged arteries

When you look at your ears in the mirror, notice how smooth or wrinkled they are. If you see a diagonal crease on the earlobe, you might have clogged arteries. This crease can be an indication of heart disease. You should check with your doctor to be on the safe side.

5. Diabetes


The loss of your hearing is just one symptom of diabetes. It is almost twice as common in diabetic patients than in those who do not have diabetes. Compare people with normal blood sugar levels versus those with pre-diabetic levels and notice how the diabetic risk group has a higher rate of hearing loss. The main reason is that diabetes hampers the circulation of blood to the ears making it hard to hear.


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