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Hate to break it to you, but your pillow just told us that it’s kind of sad. Why? Well, since becoming a sentient being with thoughts, it has come to the realization that it is merely an afterthought. You spend hours upon hours choosing what mattress to buy and even still contemplating on whether or not to try that new cool-to-the-touch, memory foam mattress instead. You and your significant other love your new comforter and those amazing new sheets you just got are really making it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Meanwhile, your pillow that your mom passed down to you on the first day of college 7 years ago has been through four apartments, three relationships, and one pet. It gets literally no attention, which is why you keep waking up with a stiff neck.

Maybe it’s because shopping for a pillow is a little overwhelming or because pillows are so easy to move no matter how many new apartments you get. However, most of us hang on to pillows far longer than we should. In the words of Else, it’s time to let it go! You know you’ve been hanging on that pillow, you know which one we are referring to, far too long. That pillow that you don’t even want to look under the pillowcase anymore because of those brown-edged drool stains and the visible lumps in the stuffing.

But, there are more than enough reasons to stop putting off getting a new one and finally dropping some serious change on one that’s going to leave you feeling rested. Here are the ways your current pillow might be making your sleep time just a little bit depressing, plus a few tips on how to bring happiness to the back of your head.

6. It Might be Giving you Acne


The worst kind of acne is often caused by pressing your face against dirty things like your phone, or you know, your disgusting pillow. Fortunately, this type of acne is completely avoidable since it’s not coming from inside of you. Even things like helmets, work phones, or anything that you touch to your face frequently can give you acne. However, the usual suspect is your pillowcase. It collects things like dirt, oil, and dead skin, yesterday’s sunscreen, and probably some drool as well. You might not need to completely replace all of your sleep gear, however, just try cleaning it. Experts suggest laundering your pillowcase multiple times a week, but unless you live in a hotel, this probably isn’t going to happen. If you are not prone to breakouts, you could ignore this and read on, but if you start waking up with zits, you know where to look first.


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