Drinking With Straw

Straws can be a fun and convenient way to drink your favorite beverages, but they can also put your body at risk for some problematic symptoms. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following conditions, using straws regularly might be one of the reasons why. 

6. Digestive Gas and Bloating


If you feel an onslaught of intestinal gas or bloating after drinking with a straw, the experts at Northwestern Medicine say that’s pretty common. By drinking through a straw, you pull excess air into the GI tract, resulting in “abdominal discomfort and distension.” Air from the straw gets trapped in the stomach, leading to bloat. 

Gas and bloat could be even worse if you’re drinking carbonated beverages through a straw. All those bubbles, plus all that extra air, could bring you hours of discomfort. 

5. Extra Wrinkles


If you use straws many times per week, you could be working your mouth into a rapid-wrinkle zone. The muscles used for sucking through a straw can break down the collagen around your lips over time. This isn’t a concern for babies sucking from bottles, but it can be an issue for aging adults experiencing a natural decrease in collagen production as we get older. If you can’t give up the straws, you could opt to eat more collagen-rich whole foods (bone broth, fish, etc.) or take a collagen supplement to help prevent premature signs of aging around the mouth. 


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