1. Don’t Use Your Phone at Night

Couple On Phones

You’ve probably heard this before, but using your phone at night is harmful to your sleep quality. There are many reasons why you should stop using your phone at night, but some of them will affect your body, mind, and even your eyes.

The blue light your phone emits at night can be extremely harmful to your eyes. Not only, will it prevent you from sleeping, but it’ll also give you eye strain and even dry your eyes.

Experts also say that using your phone at night suppresses the release of “sleep-promoting” neurons while activating neurons that promote arousal and stimulate your body, forcing you to stay awake longer than you should.

It’s recommended that you stop using your phone for at least 30 minutes or more before you go to bed. And, as we mentioned before, avoid using it on your bed. The same goes for other devices. Whether it’s your computer, your tablet, or your Nintendo Switch, it’s better that you stay away from them at night.


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