4. Interval Walking

Interval Walking

Interval pacing is a great way to start if you have not exercised much before. Start with 1-, 2- or 3-minute intervals of slow to brisk walking; you can count or even do a less formal method: ‘Fartlek”, the Swedish word for speed play. To do this, pick a tree or a house, do a quick walk to that designated place and then continue with a slower walk to the next designated place.

3. Add Weights

ankle weights

Adding weights to burn more calories is very effective for losing weight if that is your goal. You can add 1- or 2-pound weights to your ankles or arms and see how it feels.

2. Use Technology for Walking Motivation

Fitness Tracker

Many people like using trackers or pedometers for keeping up their pace, or for counting steps. The more advanced trackers can help with your heart rate, speed, and timing.


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