Your Liver

When it comes to organs, your liver is one of the body’s most important. Everything you eat is filtered through the liver, so it sees its fair share of nastiness, and it makes sure that the other cells in the body don’t suffer from the more harmful things that you ingest. Along with the kidneys, the liver does a good job of filtering out harmful substances in the body. Generally, when the liver’s detoxifying properties are mentioned, it is alcohol that comes to mind, and for good reason, considering how much damage alcohol can do to the body when consumed in excess.

However, alcohol is not the only substance that can cause harm to the body; not even close. There are plenty of other things that we ingest regularly that can serious impact the health of our bodies, and therefore the health of the liver as it tries to defend us from these threats. In order to take care of the liver, it’s critical that we do not overtax it with harmful substances. Here are a number of other things you should consider regarding liver health. It goes without saying that protecting your organs will help improve your overall health too.

6. Processed Foods

Processed Foods

These days, processed foods make up a large part of people’s diets, especially in the Western world. This is because of the convenience that processed foods provide at every level. Usually cheap and easy to prepare, processed foods are widely available, and are often much more affordable than healthier options. Unfortunately, such foods often contain harmful chemicals, leftovers from the processes used to prepare them. If not toxic chemicals, sometimes processed foods simply include extra fat and salt, which leads to conditions like heart disease due to increased cholesterol and blood pressure. They may also contribute to fatty liver disease.

5. Skipping Exercise

Skip Excersize

It can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Because of other obligations taking up time and energy, it’s very easy to put off starting an exercise regimen or carving time out during the day. However, exercise is one of the best ways to contribute to overall health, as regular exercise lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat. Exercise has other benefits too. It helps maintain functional strength and stamina, and protects your mental and emotional health. Exercise helps the organs function more efficiently because the resources we take in are being put to better use.


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