2. You May Lose Weight Unexpectedly

Lose Weight

Have you ever wanted to lose weight without changing the diet and doing exercise? Probably so. Everyone does. But, be careful what you wish for. Unexplained weight loss is mainly due to cancers, hyperthyroidism, or, you guessed it, diabetes.

As discussed earlier, diabetes is a progressive disease. This weight loss is due to the body’s inability to use glucose from the food as body fuel. As a result, it started to burn the body fat to use as fuel.
Moreover, as the disease progresses and the fat stored in the body decreases, it will start using the body’s proteins as fuel. This will cause extreme weakness and lethargy.

1. It’ll Take Longer for You to Heal

slow healing cuts

If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, your brushes or wounds will take longer to heal.
This occurs because diabetes causes the stiffening of blood vessels, which causes less blood to reach the area of the wound, causing a decrease in oxygen and nutrient availability. This deprivation causes the wound and bruises to take more time for healing.


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