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The grocery store is a hot spot for germs. With high foot traffic on a daily basis, it’s difficult for workers to keep everything clean. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, grocery workers are working hard to keep the stores cleaner than ever, but there are still a few places that are notorious for germs and viruses. conducted a study that revealed some unusual germ-infested areas of the grocery store. The study was done in 2017, with responses in 10 states and over 100 grocery stores. The type and size of stores varied, so the results are applicable to any grocery store.

Below are the germiest places in the grocery store to avoid on your next shopping trip. Of course, some of these spots are unavoidable, so protect yourself with gloves and wash your hands before and after visiting the store.

7. Shopping Carts

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Shopping carts are the dirtiest items in the store because they are used by almost every customer. Hands transfer the most germs, so the handles of the carts are an easy way to spread germs and viruses. For large trips a shopping cart is a must, so be sure to wipe down the cart and handles with disinfectant wipes before shopping. Using gloves will also help prevent the spread of germs.

6. Doors of the Refrigerators

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Refrigerator handles are a common surface where germs and viruses can be found. This is another item in the store that your hands come in contact with and can spread germs. Wearing gloves will come in handy when opening these doors. Make sure to immediately dispose of the gloves after you leave the store.



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