5. Alcohol

Drinking Alcohol

Studies have found that even one glass of any alcohol, liquor, or wine can raise the risk of breast cancer. Of course, one drink is a low percentage of risk but that risk of cancer increases if you are a moderate or heavy drinker.

4. Pesticides


Pesticides used in home gardening, insect sprays, and agriculture for insect crop control, like atrazine, are banned in the European Union (but not in the USA) due to high carcinogenic probability. These can include DDT, PCBs and flame retardants that remain in the environment and in our tissues indefinitely. Even though DDT has been banned in the United States, it is still being found in human tissue today.

3. Triclosan


The chemical triclosan, found in antibacterial soaps and other products, is an endocrine disrupter, increasing cancer of the breast in estrogen-sensitive individuals. It is now being banned in many states.


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