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At a time when the world needs to depend on science-based facts, coronavirus myths are spreading like wildfire. These myths can be dangerous for public health.

Keeping businesses open and avoiding lockdowns depend a great deal on everyone’s commitment to personal responsibility. The seven coronavirus myths below have allowed that responsibility to slide, or not exist at all.

People believing these myths — and behaving as if they are facts — have likely led to new COVID-19 surges.

7. Since most lockdowns are over, everything must be okay now

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This myth has found people reentering the world as if we’re not still in the middle of a pandemic. Summertime gatherings. Graduation and 4th of July celebrations. People have been coming back together en masse, but with many not taking responsibility for how to carefully avoid coronavirus spread.

As the number of coronavirus cases drastically ticks back up again in certain areas, we see the life-altering results of this way of thinking. The “everything is okay now” myth has sent the world in a backwards spin at lightning speed.

6. I’m way under 60, so I’m not really at risk

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Recent surges of coronavirus cases have moved from the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers to the Millennials and Generation Zs. Why? Probably due in part to this myth — that younger people don’t have to worry because of their age.

Yet as the numbers of younger people testing positive for coronavirus rapidly rises, the world is learning they can be pretty hard hit too. COVID-19 is causing some lasting symptoms for 18-35 year olds. And not just a loss of smell and taste. Some of those lasting effects of coronavirus for younger people could include organ damage, blood clotting and strokes.


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