Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awareness is at an all-time high, and most women are keenly aware of the potential threat that they’ll develop it. Breast cancer screening programs are readily available and are credited, along with the increased awareness, for five-year breast cancer survival rates have risen from about 75% in 1980 to over 90% today. However, while many women are aware of the most common self-screening technique of checking their breasts for cancerous lumps, several other signs go ignored. We’ll shed some light on those 7 Often Ignored Signs of Breast Cancer in this article.

A Lump in the Armpit

lump in armpit

As mentioned, checking for lumps in the breast is the most common self-screening method used by women to detect breast cancer. What some women may not know is that a lump (or lumps) could be found in their armpit before being detectable through their breasts, which could indicate that breast cancer has spread to their lymph nodes. These small lumps in the armpits are usually painless, but tender. However, given that these lumps could be caused by other factors (irritation from shaving or using deodorants among them), one should look into them further before jumping to conclusions.

Breast Changes Size or Shape

breast cancer

This can be a difficult sign to detect in some cases, given that the changes may not be dramatic and could be ascribed to another cause, such as changes in body mass. Given the difficulty in detecting a change in breast size without any other reference, the most effective method is to compare both breasts in relation to each other. If one has grown larger or its shape has changed compared to its twin (or former twin), it could be that breast cancer is the cause.



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