Excess fat of any kind is bad for the body. But there is also the kind that screams “Danger: health scare ahead!” or “On my way to obesity!” or “Potentially diabetic!” Also known as belly fat, this is the kind that sits ugly on your tummy.

This kind of fat is not only present just below your skin. Nope, it has roots deep within! So much so that some of it has perhaps even begun to surround our internal organs, like the liver, intestines, etc. It is, therefore, no wonder that this dirty fat is also called “visceral fat.” Ouch!

Ironically, this isn’t lazy fat, which means that it doesn’t just sit there, allowing you to go about your day peacefully. It is wildly active in its destructive tendencies. If you are carrying around belly fat – and this could happen to thin people too – you can be sure that it’s doing its level best to bring in other uninvited guests. Heart problems (especially related to your blood pressure), diabetes, dementia, and even cancer may soon curse you with their unwanted presence!

Are you shaken yet? We certainly hope so, as belly fat is a serious health risk, underestimated for sure. Fortunately, you can stay strong and clever to beat that stubborn belly. Here are nine powerful ways to get that belly back in shape, starting right now!

7. Evict Sugar from Your Everyday Life

Evict Sugar

If you had a magic mirror, it would surely to tell you that sugar is the ugliest food of them all (from deep within and deviously so). It is that dangerous! Besides doing a ton of bad stuff to your body (like dousing it with excess glucose that could trigger diabetes), it also dramatically brings down your metabolic rate.

This means that the speed at which your key functions perform is way below par. Blood circulation becomes lethargic, digestion is so much slower, and so is elimination. Your immunity decreases while your fat goes straight to your belly. So begin your war with belly fat by ruthlessly eliminating sugar, especially the processed kind, from your life.

Also, do note that sugar doesn’t just make its appearance in coffee, tea, smoothies, or even those sinful weekend desserts. Processed sugar is also present in many breads, ready-to-cook meals, chips, savories, biscuits, and several other tempting snacks. So the next time you reach for your favorite item on the grocery shelf, double-check that it’s low on sugar. Perhaps it’s time to ditch it and turn to some other healthy, fruity snack.

6. Go Lean with Protein


Your no-sugar diet is bound to leave a big, glaring hole in your life. So let’s deal with that first by filling it with protein. Protein takes significantly more time and effort to digest. But this is a good thing, as most proteins don’t have the fatty starch associated with carbs. So it will leave you feeling fuller for longer, with none of that carb-related danger.

Furthermore, the extra effort required for digestion will help you burn more calories and further cut down fat. When you have a protruding belly, this is the first fat to go. So load up on lentils and legumes, low-fat dairy (such as cheese and probiotic yogurt), soy products, green and canned beans, and even that low-fat, sugar-free protein bar. Your body and your belly will be sure to thank you for it.


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