5. Flood Your System with Fiber


Fiber has one endearing quality. It steps up the amount of waste that is easily eliminated from our bodies. And it does this quite deviously, as it binds itself to the bad stuff (like sugar and other fats) and reduces their absorption into the bloodstream. Soon, the fat and sugar you have already consumed goes out very quickly, and your belly begins to heal.

Nutritionists also remind us how fiber more easily fills us up. This means that with fibrous foods (like oats, quinoa, lentils, legumes, beans, sprouts, etc.), you feel fuller with less food. Again, this is a substantial contribution to weight loss.

4. Actively De-Stress

De Stress

This might sound like a bit of an oxymoron to some, as we are talking about activity and stress in the same vein. But they aren’t as exclusive as we think. In fact, by choosing to actively de-stress, we kill two anti-belly birds with one stone: inactivity and stress.

For a big-bellied person, inactivity and lethargy are detrimental to the belly. This fat needs to be removed through intense movement and activity. Yet most of our autopilot activities, like work or driving in traffic, sure are stressful. And do you know the first body part that adversely reacts to stress? Yes, it is our abdomen, which is why we sense that anxious, queasy feeling first in our gut.

To put it simply, stress adds dangerously to the fat in your belly. This is the reason we need to be proactive about de-stressing. Yoga, tai chi, and krav maga, just to name a few examples, are excellent fitness regimens that help you balance your body, mind, and breath, and beat the stress in your life. Meditation helps too, but only if you are already active. Otherwise, you are more likely to doze off into stress-induced slumber!

If regimented activity is not your cup of tea, you can also blast that belly fat through other enjoyable activities. Gardening, hiking, cycling, swimming, and anything else that helps you stay active without causing stress is good for your belly.

3. Embrace Zen with Tea


There are plenty of good reasons to load up on tea. If the conventional milky stuff doesn’t work for you, there are a host of other exotic flavors available to suit your exclusive taste. These include green tea (for weight loss), peppermint or ginger tea (for digestion), chamomile tea (for combating stress), and so on. Yep, it’s all amazing for your body.

Tea is also a clever way to take a time out from our otherwise busy, stress-inducing life. As we explored earlier, stress is a significant contributor to belly fat. And if tea is the key to beat it, why not overload on a cup or two? And while you are doing this, you are also increasing the fluid content in your body, which helps all the bad stuff (like belly fat) get easily digested and eliminated.

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