2. Your Race Could Play a Big Part as Well

Race And Ethnicity

Believe it or not, a person’s race could play a big part in colorectal cancer, too. Unfortunately, the fact is that African-American people are more vulnerable to colorectal cancer. Here are some fact figures which reinforce this statement.

Cancer of the colon and rectum is the leading cause of death among African Americans. Moreover, black females have the highest number of deaths from colorectal cancer of any ethnic group in the world. And Black males have had an even higher mortality rate than females.

The actual cause is unknown, but it’s something you need to consider if you want to start screening tests earlier.

1. Your Nutrition and Smoking Habits

Prenatal Nutrition

Eating red meat and processed food is the leading cause of colorectal cancer. In younger generations, the consumption of processed foods and meat has increased, which causes colorectal cancers and can cause other types of cancer. Nitrates and other chemicals used during food processing can cause genetic abnormalities resulting in cancers of the body.

Research has also shown that people who smoke also have a higher risk of colorectal cancer. You know, on top of lung cancer and other types of cancers in your throat and other parts of your body.

Moreover, women with other cancers like cervical cancer or ovarian cancers are also at a greater risk for developing colorectal cancer. If you are smoking persistently and eating more processed food, then you should consider changing your diet and start your screening test as soon as possible.


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