Drinking Alcohol

For most people, alcohol goes straight to your head, confusing your brain’s pathways and throwing you off balance. This is why you start acting out or say things differently; you have dropped all inhibitions. Some effects can last a short time, while others can accumulate over time and bring on long-term health issues and potential negative consequences, such as driving under the influence arrests or accidents.

How much harm does alcohol cause? It depends on several factors: gender, body size, genetics, your metabolism rate, if you have eaten and how much you have drunk. Drinking one or two drinks daily is usually fine for most people, but it does depend on how large these drinks are and how many of the above factors affect you. Here are seven ways that drinking, especially in excess, can harm the body.

7. Irritates the Stomach Lining


When your stomach is irritated, it can make you nauseated and can be why some people throw up after drinking. If you drink heavily, it can cause ulcers, diarrhea, and heartburn.

6. Interferes with Brain Communication

Brain Fog

The messaging in the brain becomes confused, affecting your thinking, mood, behavior, and body coordination. It evens shrinks the brain, making it smaller.


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