5. Stretches Out Your Heart Muscle

Heart Attack Is

Too much alcohol literally wears out your heart, and the muscle turns into an old loose rubber band. This slows down the pumping of blood, causing irregular heartbeats, possible strokes, and high blood pressure.

4.  Causes Liver Damage

Liver Cirrhosis

Your liver is what helps your body process alcohol and toxins. If you are drinking regularly, it causes inflammation in the liver, so it cannot do its job. This can cause hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and even cirrhosis.

3. Hangovers Can Feel Like Crap


Drinking too much can cause a hangover, and not eating or drinking water can dehydrate you, give you terrible headaches, or cause vomiting. It can drop your blood sugar, since your liver is too busy getting rid of alcohol, leaving you with weakness and the shakes.

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2. Hormones in Havoc


Alcohol throws hormones off balance. It could change a woman’s menstrual cycles or men’s sperm counts. And if alcohol is too frequent, it can cause erectile dysfunction and breast growth in men.

1. Sleepless Nights


Even though alcohol can relax you and may make you fall asleep, it is not good sleep. It can cause more nightmares and dreams, restless sleep, and of course, you’ll have to pee a lot!

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