6. Eden Foods


Since 1997, Eden Foods has been experimenting with ways to store their foods without compromising taste or safety. Aware of the dangers of BPA, their manufacturing standards have aligned with European standards of food safety. They have since achieved a BPA-free can lining for both high and low acid foods. In foods where taste may be compromised, they use glass instead. 

5. Muir Glen

Muir Glen

Muir Glen, on its website, states their products are stored in BPA-free and cans and jars. This company is best known for its tomato products. 

4. Bionaturae 

Bpa Free

Like other food companies, Bionaturae commits to BPA-free products as much as they can. Still, they cannot guarantee any that cross-contamination of BPA from the environment will not occur. The problem, their website states, is that facilities that make BPA-free cans also manufacture cans that contain BPA linings. Therefore, their cans may not be 100% free from BPA, although they would like them to be.

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