3. Keystone Meats

Keystone Meats is a small family-owned all-natural meat company. In 2019, the company committed to non-BPA packaging due to consumer requests. Its cans are also made of 100% recyclable aluminum. 

2. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe's

The most famous name on this list, Trader Joe’s, now provides a list of non-BPA foods on its website. They also prevent non-BPA food from coming into contact with foods in BPA containers. Their non-BPA product list is comprehensive, including that all of the plastic bottles, tubs, and containers at Trader’s Joe’s are non-BPA. 

1. K9 Natural Foods

Dog Food

Let’s not forget our furry four-legged friends when it comes to BPA-free products. K9 Natural pet foods do not use any BPA in their cans or other products. 

Despite BPA’s presence in many products, consumers can pressure companies to change their BPA stance by making inquiries and asking or change. Choosing non-BPA alternatives and keeping up-to-date on BPA research may help guide companies to change their safety standards.

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