3. Glass Fogging

Clean Eyeglasses

When the top of a face mask isn’t flush against the skin, warm air from our breath can escape. That warm air can fog up our glasses, mainly if the environment is cold. Most of the time, fogged glasses are just an inconvenience. In specific situations, they can limit your vision and cause a safety issue.

Solution: Wash your glasses with soapy water and rinse. Washing removes any film on the glasses on which moisture can stick on. You can also create a tighter fit on the top of the mask by choosing masks with wiring at the nose’s bridge. Placing a piece of tissue or gauze at the top of the mask can also keep moisture from escaping and creating fog.

4. Earlobe Pain

Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Most face masks have ear loops to hold them in place. When worn for long periods, the elastic loops can irritate the skin and cause pain on the back of the ears. Healthcare workers are familiar with this problem and have invented devices and hacks to prevent this discomfort.

Solution: If you have long hair, you can wear a headband or hairpin to attach the face mask loops. Some extenders can be connected to the elastic and extended around the head, keeping the ears from having to do any work.

5. Overheating

Heat And Sweat

Wearing a mask in the heat and humidity can increase the body’s temperature. As a result, people can overheat if they exert themselves while it’s hot outside—and while wearing a mask. The body cools down in hot weather by breathing in cool air and breathing out the body’s heated air. Unfortunately, when you’re wearing a mask, the heat stays within the mask and warms the air you breathe in, raising your temperature.

Solution: Be mindful of your body, especially on hot days—with or without a mask. Look out for fatigue, have shortness of breath, or dizziness. If any of those symptoms arise, find a cool spot and hydrate yourself. Find a shady area away from others and take off your mask. If you must exercise or do work outdoors, keep your distance from others and, if safe to do so, keep your mask off.



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