7. They Might Also Misplace Objects


Forgetting where you put something might be common for most of us, but it’s also a sign that someone might suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

If you or someone you know is constantly misplacing objects, from losing the remote to finding your house keys in the refrigerator, it’s would be best to visit a doctor just to make sure everything’s okay.

An Alzheimer’s disease patient might just forget where they put their stuff, and, in a more serious case, even completely forget the object itself.

6. They May Have Difficulty Solving Problems

Confused Doctor

Problem solving is a skill many of us struggle with, but we all have it to some degree. People who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease often have difficulty solving common problems. As we mentioned before, the plaques that are formed because of Alzheimer’s disease will cause an abnormal protein consumption by the person’s body.

Alzheimer’s disease starts to damage the cerebral cortex, causing disorientation as well as other behavioral and social disturbances. This includes problems solving anything from hard equations to children’s puzzles.

5. The Person Might Have Problems with Their Vision

Vision Problems

You’d be surprised to know Alzheimer’s disease causes many problems with the person’s vision. The main problem is that you can easily confuse it with just regular sight problems because of the person’s age.

Some of the most common vision problems include the inability to perceive motion, difficulty in recognizing colors, and problems with depth perception. Alzheimer’s disease makes the optical nerves become narrower, thus giving the person problems with their vision.


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