4. They Might Get Sudden Mood Swings

Improved Mood

Research by the Washington University School of Medicine mentioned that most people who got Alzheimer’s disease had mood swings during the early period of the disease.

It might be an eye-opener for you that mood swings and especially depression are the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s. This mood swing might be due to their inability to perform normal tasks and conversations, leading to depression, apathy, and irritability.

3. They Start to Have Language Problems

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If you keep repeating yourself or suddenly stop during a conversation as you are at a loss for words and have trouble speaking, it’s a sign of Alzheimer’s. Or if you or a person is talking to you but spontaneously forgets about what he is talking about, this is the authoritative sign of future Alzheimer’s disease.

A person with Alzheimer’s is also unable to perceive what you are talking about due to the damage to the cerebral cortex, which is designated for speech perceiving and understanding.

2. They Start to Lose Interest in Most Things


This is mainly associated with depression. A person who has lost the ability to talk in a conversation, as described earlier, will certainly take themselves away from such conversations and other activities.

Likewise, the attitude that the people around them take is also a big factor in losing interest. If, because of their forgetfulness, the people around them start to scold them, it may lead to cause depression, anxiety or apathy, leading to a lack of interest in their regular interests.

1. They Might Start to Distance Themselves

mood swing

As part of their mood swings and their sudden lost interest in everyday things, people who might suffer from Alzheimer’s disease tend to cut themselves off from society. Due to their inability to talk or even recognize some faces or people, someone with Alzheimer’s disease might try to just distance themselves from their loved ones, sometimes without even realizing what they’re doing.

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