8 Drug-Free Ways to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Keeping your cholesterol levels low does not have to be a drug-filled adventure. There are numerous (and cheap!) ways to lower your cholesterol that do not involve popping a pill. To maintain a healthy level of cholesterol, it is crucial to know these eight drug-free ways to lower your cholesterol levels.

8. Drink Tea


Tea is the second most common drink in the world, and for good reason. Tea, specifically green tea, has been linked to preventing cancer, easing arthritis, and maintaining oral health. It should not surprise you to learn that green tea can also reduce your cholesterol levels. An ingredient named catenin extract is responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effects. Catenin extract is proven to prevent the absorption of cholesterol during digestion, lower LDL levels, and raise HDL levels. Oolong and black tea are also known to lower cholesterol, though not as much as green tea.

7. Get More Fiber in Your Diet


Dietary fiber is a natural way to get rid of cholesterol. Dietary fiber attaches to cholesterol and can lower LDL levels by 5%. Most people find it difficult to naturally get enough fiber in their diet. Highly processed foods that are usually present in fast food and refined grains do not contain enough fiber to maintain a healthy diet. Foods that are known for containing high fiber include oatmeal, whole wheat spaghetti, and grapefruit, among many others. Fiber is also a requirement in any healthy diet, as it is a cheap way to stay full and curb cravings.


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