3. Eat More Tropical Fruits


Many tropical fruits are helpful for stomach problems and can quiet the inflammation, like guava, lychee, and mangosteen.

2. Take Probiotics


Many doctors agree that taking a probiotic can balance out the good and bad bacteria to help resolve your issues, although you may have to try several other recommendations at the same time. Even a healthy yogurt can help if it’s a mild case of loose stool.

1. Take Over the Counter Medications


Of course, there are several drugstore medications that can help, if you need something fast, like Pepto Bismol, Imodium, or Kaopectate. Remember if you do have something toxic your body still needs to get rid of it in a normal manner, so give it a few days to run its course before you take these medications.

If you still are having symptoms of diarrhea or loose stool and any intestinal pain and dehydration, please call a doctor or go to the emergency room to be treated.


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