6. Liver Damage 


The FDA reported acetaminophen as the leading cause of liver failure in the United States from 1998 to 2003. Although most people are already aware of the damage acetaminophen can do to the liver, they may not know that the liver damage can lead to death in rare cases. Regular use of acetaminophen above the recommended dose can result in long-lasting liver damage. For people who already have compromised liver function, it’s best to use acetaminophen with caution. 

5. Acetaminophen Overdose


Acetaminophen’s multi-use properties also make it a popular addition to many other over-the-counter drugs. Present in cold medicines and pain medications, it’s possible to overdose on acetaminophen without even realizing it. If a person takes multiple acetaminophen-containing medications simultaneously, they may not be calculating their overall intake correctly, leading to overdose and thus damaging the liver.

4. Autism and ADHD


According to a recent study published in JAMA, pregnant women were twice as likely to have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) if they had taken acetaminophen during their pregnancy. However, ASD and ADHD both have environmental and genetic factors that can play a part in their development. Although acetaminophen is still considered safe during pregnancy, the study warrants further research.

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