Hydrogen Peroxide

Updated: 10/10/2019

Hydrogen peroxide is kind of a super-chemical. It’s dangerous enough to kill all the cells in an area but safe enough to put on your skin or inside a few cavities. Using hydrogen peroxide only takes a minute or so of preparation, as adding water to it is usually the only step needed. It’s also something that can be taken anywhere and easily adapted to fit your specific situation. If you have some hydrogen peroxide laying around, be sure to try some of these 18 great uses for hydrogen peroxide.

18. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Clean Bathroom

Hydrogen peroxide works great to keep the surfaces in your bathroom clean, even after months of neglect. Soap scum building up in the bathtub is notoriously difficult to remove, but by simply spraying the tub with hydrogen peroxide and letting it sit for 30 minutes, the scum can be very easily removed without all of the tedious scrubbing. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to effortlessly clean your toilet bowl by letting the bowl soak in the chemical before eventually flushing and wiping the bowl completely clean.

17. Can Give You Great Skin

Great Skin

Much like an astringent, hydrogen peroxide can give you great skin. Using hydrogen peroxide as a face wash can thoroughly clean your pores, which will end up ridding you of all current acne and help prevent you from getting any more. For a face wash, the type of hydrogen peroxide you use should be no more than 3%. It may help to wash your face normally first, dry your skin, and then rinse again with hydrogen peroxide, as dry skin will absorb the chemical better.



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