9. Hydrogen Peroxide Can Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

Prevent Swimmer's Ear

If you swim a lot, the possibility of getting swimmer’s ear may be something that you are concerned with. Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear canal that is caused by water lingering in your ear long after you have returned to dry land. Swimmer’s ear can normally be fixed by using special ear drops, but if you are unable to obtain some, you can just use hydrogen peroxide. Pour a few drops in each ear that is affected and eventually the infection will disappear. Try using this remedy as a preventative measure for best results.

8. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Your Corns and Calluses

Treat Your Corns And Calluses

For many people, the sight of corns on your feet can be very bothersome and possibly painful. Calluses can also cause insecurity regarding how a person feels about their appearance. There are many ways to remove corns and calluses from your hands and feet, ranging from inexpensive to expensive, but one simple and cheap way to remove them is by using hydrogen peroxide. Soak your feet in a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water, and the corns and calluses should be gone in no time.

7. Use It to Heal Boils

Heal Boils

Boils are not usually something that people like to talk about, as they can be embarrassing, but they are definitely something that is natural and easy to eliminate. Boils are simply a skin infection that starts in a hair follicle or oil gland. Most boils can heal entirely on their own if given the chance, but if you are absolutely determined to get rid of them, hydrogen peroxide is once again your go-to remedy. Soaking your boil in a mix of hydrogen peroxide can cleanse the boil and eliminate it entirely if done correctly.



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