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We are living in an age where dependence on drugs is as at an all-time high, and at the same time, pharmaceutical companies are listing an increasing number of side effects for most of the drugs they sell. It is, therefore, no surprise that more people are now willing to turn to home remedies in comparison to over the counter drugs, particularly for minor ailments such as the common cold, flu, and indigestion.

But home cures can be a tricky area; do not trust just anyone when it comes to home remedies, as that may not turn out very good for you! Which of these actually double as natural miracles, and which ones are merely exaggerated stories passed down through the ages? Let’s explore the myths and mystique surrounding eight well-known natural cures.

8. It’s All Good, Honey


There is very little you can do wrong with honey (unless you heat it or feed it to babies under ten months of age, in which case it can prove toxic). Of course, you should be using raw, organic honey straight from the hives rather than the processed, diluted stuff. Raw honey is loaded with fructose, a natural sweetener, making it a safer and healthier alternative to sugar.

In fact, weight watchers swear by it for weight management, beginning their day with a lukewarm glass of honey and lemon. It is also loaded with energy, making it a favorite with athletes. Honey is the preferred miracle cure for getting rid of annoying allergies. It also helps that raw honey is loaded with bee pollen, which boosts our overall immunity. If you are looking for a quick fix for that nasty cough, honey is the safe way to go (as compared to cough drops, some of which contain alcohol).

7. Keep Your Body in “Mint” Condition

body in mint

Does the humble peppermint leaf really have any miraculous properties? You can find out for yourself, especially when you are stuck with a bad cold. This is when your nose is blocked, and you find the mere act of breathing to be overwhelming. Just bring yourself close to a bunch of fresh mint leaves and inhale deeply. Within seconds, you will feel a lot more fresh and alive as your nose breathes in its pungent properties.

Wait for a few minutes, and you are sure to start sneezing, as the mint leaves work their magic and de-congest your tired nose. If it works this powerfully on the outside, can you imagine the wonders it is working on the inside? This is why mint leaves are used as a natural cure for all things related to the stomach, like indigestion, flatulence, ulcers, and even IBS. Medical experts have also shared studies where mint capsules caused a 50 percent reduction in the symptoms of IBS patients.

Like any natural herb, mint is to be taken in moderation. You can either use the leaves directly as a garnish for your food, sip on soothing peppermint tea (an excellent digestive), or even invest in plain mint capsules. What you should not do is mix it with aerated drinks. Mint contains menthol, and the combination can wreak absolute havoc on your stomach.


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