Disrupt Your Child's Future

Parents are their children’s first heroes. Yet, this is a title we take far too lightly. Even as we wish for our little ones to be the best, we send them mixed signals with our own personal behaviors.

Whether we recognize it or not, our kids constantly strive to please us, often by emulating us. As that old adage goes, imitation is indeed the most glorious form of flattery! Here are 10 parenting behaviors that need to stop immediately, to bring the best out of your child.

Casual Lying 


A casual lie, aka the white lie, is the first causality of careless parenting. On one hand, we stress on truth, integrity, and honesty for our children. But on the other hand, we so casually ask them to answer the phone at home and tell the caller that we are not around. Or, when the neighborhood aunt asks for our help, it takes us less than a minute to come up with an imaginative excuse to reiterate how busy we are. Or when our spouse asks if that shirt looks good, we nod amicably and then make a face when they are not around.

Sounds familiar? Children are enormously curious, eating up every single word, action and behavior pattern for emulation in the future.

So when you casually lie, your child is the first to catch it, literally and figuratively. Over time, your child will begin to think that it is perfectly okay to say one thing and do something else altogether. That is training them to have double standards. But remember, we started it merely with what we thought was a harmless white lie!

Too Eager to Rescue 


This is you being the eager beaver just waiting to jump to your child’s rescue, every single time! While it is normal for parents to feel protective of their children, your child does not need “saving” as often as you think. Mollycoddling is a sure way to handicap your child for the future.

In fact, experts consistently prod young parents to loosen their strings. They even encourage parents to let their child fall a bit, as long as it is not serious. It will teach the little one to stand up again all on its own. And wouldn’t that make you more proud? The more you encourage your child to explore new things and take risks, the more you prepare him or her for potential failure. What is even better is that it also teaches your child to overcome life’s challenges, and achieve greater success.


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