8 Prostate Cancer Myths Debunked

8 Prostate Cancer Myths Debunked

For many men, prostate cancer is the biggest worry they have as they reach their later ages. Even though it is something that many men face, a lot of them are equipped with the wrong information. Here are 8 prostate cancer myths debunked and explained.

Myth #1: More Sex Equals Higher Risk

Many people believe that having a high amount of sex is correlated with a higher risk of prostate cancer. In recent years, this has been proven to be untrue. In fact, a high frequency of ejaculation may be responsible for lowering your risk of prostate cancer. Some doctors actually recommend that patients have sex at least twice a week with their partner in order to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Studies also show that a wide range of sexual partners may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, but it is unclear if that is the sole cause.

Myth #2: Prostate Cancer Treatment Causes Erectile Dysfunction

While it is true that surgeries and other forms of cancer treatment can lower a patient’s sex drive or cause impotence, it is not applicable to all men. Unwanted side effects depend on more than just the treatment and may have more to do with the age, and overall health of the patient before the treatment was applied. If diagnosed with unwanted side effects like incontinence or impotence, there are numerous therapies and procedures available to cure the problem.