3. Medications


There are many medications that have a side effect on short-term memory. These can include painkillers like opioids, cholesterol drugs like statins, diabetes medications, anti-anxiety, or anti-depressive drugs. In most cases, memory will return after the drugs are no longer taken.

2. Anxiety and Depression


Either of these common mental health issues can cause short-term memory loss. If depression or anxiety becomes overwhelming, it affects your short-term memory during that period of time.

1. Aging, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia And Alzheimer

Short-term memory loss can be a natural part of aging. It can be bothersome at times, and so we just need to start making more lists or sticky notes to remember! It becomes dementia or Alzheimer’s disease when it affects other parts of life, like repeating the same questions, forgetting common words, or mixing words up.



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