6. Nutritional Deficiencies Due to Poor Diet

Get Enough Biotin

One vitamin, B7 or biotin, is well known to cause brittle nail problems when deficient in your diet. Biotin helps our body create the building blocks of protein. Iron deficiency or anemia, low minerals like calcium, or low vitamin D all help build up keratin protein.

Eating a well-balanced diet can assist with these nutritional deficiencies or try a supplement.

5. Thyroid Malfunction


Low thyroid function causes a slower turnover rate of cells of skin and nails; this older tissue becomes more brittle. The thyroid makes many of the hormones in your body and that can affect many problems and symptoms. “Nail changes are more common with hyperthyroidism than hypothyroidism, but why it happens is still unknown”, says Caren Campbell M.D., a San Francisco-based dermatologist.

4. Fungal Problems

Toenail Fungus
Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nails. It can make your nails peel, thicken and become brown or yellow in color. This underlying condition along with others could be a more serious problem. “There might be a systemic issue or disease that affects the nails”, says Tanya Kormili, M.D.


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