3. Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

Poor kidney function, damage, or kidney failure can cause brown discoloration to your nails. It also causes “half and half” nails; half-moons of white that extend from the base of the nail to halfway up, followed by a brown or red color to the nail tip.

2. Lung Disease


Different lung issues and breathing problems can yellow your nails. These people have respiratory difficulty or conditions like pleural effusion or lymphedema.

1. Age-Related Nail Problems

Clubbed Nails

For many over the age of 60, your nails may start to naturally become thinner, split, and ridged. They usually have poorer circulation which affects the health of your nails. Dehydration is often a symptom found in elderly people; this affects your nails and skin. It is recommended to use a moisturizer and nail strengthener to help both your nails and skin.

Peeling and flaking nails are annoying and unsightly, but protecting them from damage is an easy fix. Look into the above reasons or visit a dermatologist if the problem is persistent.


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