Appetite Killers

Many health and nutrition experts keep coming up with all sorts of diet and weight loss programs that often fall flat on their faces in the long term. People struggling with weight loss try everything from pills to drinking ice cold water, but none of these things seem to work.

Believe it or not, most of these fad diet tactics do not have any science behind them. They have not been validated by the medical world and are certainly not recommended without professional guidance and supervision. Even for the ones that do show promising results, there is still a question of how much may be too much and what the side effects are.

What if we told you that even those diets that have been backed by science come with their own perils and pitfalls? For this reason, experts advise against following any fad diet at all.

The primary rule that you must obey while going through your weight loss journey is to prevent any self-harm. That being said, weight gain is often associated with binge eating. So rather than starving yourself, you can naturally curb your appetite by controlling your hunger.

Here are eight completely safe foods and natural appetite killers. These can help you get rid of those pesky pounds without making you feel miserable and without putting your health at risk.

9. Mint


We all love the refreshing scent of mint leaves. But who would have thought that sniffing some of it can keep your hunger at bay? According to a study, when participants took a whiff of peppermint every two hours, they rated their appetite to be significantly lower and consumed 3,000 fewer calories!

Some experts recommend that when you feel hungry out of boredom, just chew on peppermint gum or relax by lighting a peppermint candle. You can also enjoy tasty and hunger-suppressing benefits by sipping on green peppermint tea. And it is very healthy too! Much better than drinking soda, which is akin to drinking acid.

8. Chili Peppers


Did you know that spicy food is a natural hunger suppressant? Capsaicin, the core ingredient of any spicy food, is a compound that works wonders for naturally controlling your hunger When consumed in moderation, it can also fire up your metabolism to make your body burn more calories throughout the day. All types of pepper contain good quantities of capsaicin, except bell pepper.

You can add these spices to anything from soups to salads to dishes. Peppers like cayenne pepper have numerous other health benefits too. They not only keep your metabolism going, but they also fill you up faster and slow your eating pace. As a result, you naturally eat controlled portions.


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