8 Signs You Are Dehydrated


Many people across the world believe that if something is a liquid, it is then good for hydration. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Drinking certain sodas, juices, and especially alcohol can result in you not reaching a healthy amount of hydration. Being dehydrated can lead to a variety of problems that are sure to ruin your day. After reading our list of 8 Signs You Are Dehydrated, you might want to ditch the soda and start drinking water.

Your Body Feels Dry

dry skin

A properly hydrated body should feel smooth and full of energy. Unfortunately, if you are dehydrated you are likely to feel dry and lethargic. You can tell if you are dehydrated if your skin dries out easily, or if your lips are starting to crack. You can also tell if you are dehydrated is if your eyes feel dry. The problem with dried out skin is that it ends up clogging your pores, and can lead to your skin breaking out. Be sure to apply lotion as you work towards properly and consistently hydrating your body in the future.

You Are Easily Exhausted


Water can almost be described as being nature’s energy drink. If you drink enough water, you should have a bountiful supply of energy to last you throughout the day. By not drinking enough water you would be forcing your body to get oxygen from disadvantaged blood cells since a lot of the oxygen in your blood is gathered from your water consumption. When this happens, your body has to play catch up, making you move slower until you finally slow all the way down and the day is over.

It’s Getting Harder to Think


Dehydration has a way of forcing the body to go on without the right amount of oxygen. By not supplying the body with enough oxygen, you are then forcing your brain to adapt to the changes. A reduced amount of water in the brain forces your brain to shrink and move away from the skull. This movement can force you into a very painful headache that can last for an unspecified amount of time. Don’t punish your brain and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Your Cholesterol Levels Are Rising

high cholesterol

The body is forced to react to things that threaten its functionality and existence. If you don’t drink enough water, the body will seek to replace that lost intake with another source. The body chooses to do this by using the water found in sugary drinks that are usually nutrient-lacking. Getting water from this type of source can cause further dehydration and raise your cholesterol levels due to it not being a pure source. Do yourself a favor and opt to drink fluids with restorative properties instead of those that may do the opposite.