Tingling Hands

Many people experience tingling sensations in their hands and feet that come and go. Are these cause for concern? The short answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

This tingling — or prickly pins and needles sensation — is called paresthesia. It happens when pressure is put on your nerves or blood vessels. You could experience temporary paresthesia in the hands or feet by sitting cross-legged or sleeping in an odd position. Paresthesia could also occur in your arms and legs.

Symptoms of this often temporary and harmless condition could include a prickly sensation, numbness, itching, or a subtle burning sensation that doesn’t usually lead to pain.

The range and severity of paresthesia symptoms depend on their source. Especially if your paresthesia symptoms are long lasting and cause you discomfort, further research and a doctor’s care might be necessary.

Check out our list of eight things your tingling hands and feet could be telling you about your health.

8. You May Need More Vitamins


According to Unity Point Health, your nervous system needs certain vitamins to work properly. This is especially true of B vitamins. Tingling of your hands and feet could occur as a result of deficiencies in vitamins B1, B6, and B12. Niacin and vitamin E are also important for a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin deficiencies aren’t the only vitamin-related culprits of paresthesia. Sometimes having too much of a vitamin can cause prickling sensations, as could be the case with too much vitamin B6.

7. You May Need to Drink Less Alcohol


Unity Point Health also suggests that a high intake of alcohol could lead to vitamin deficiencies, causing the tingling symptoms of paresthesia. Lowering alcohol intake might decrease these symptoms.

Since alcoholism tends to be paired with low nutrition intake, adopting a whole food, nutrient-rich diet could help both conditions.

First, more nutrients consumed from healthy foods and healthy supplements could reduce tingling in hands and feet. Second, high nutrition intake might help a person feel stronger physically and mentally to overcome alcohol addiction.



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