6. Belly Buttons Come in Different Shapes

Baby Belly Button

There are different types of belly buttons out there, and you probably didn’t even know it. We’re not talking just about innies and outies; there are many shapes of belly buttons, and doctors can’t determine what a baby’s belly button shape will be. That happens naturally.

On top of that, people have different preferences on belly buttons as well. FASEB Journal published that people prefer belly buttons that are T-shaped, oval, or vertical with a small hooding. Likewise, the most unattractive types of navels are outies and Minnie belly buttons that are too deep.

Doctors can’t shape or change your belly button when you’re born, but plastic surgeons can. The process is called umbilicoplasty, and it’s such a big deal that a Japanese physician performed over 3000 operations during the 1960s and early 70s.

5. Outie Belly Buttons Are Rare

Outie Belly Button

If you have an outie navel, you’re part of a selective group who managed to keep it throughout your childhood. You see, most of us started with an outie belly button when we were children, but most of them start to fold during the healing process and become innies.

Adults who have an outie belly button represent only 10% of the population. Although, it’s worth mentioning that women’s belly buttons can turn become outies when they’re pregnant during the second and third trimester. After they deliver the baby, the belly button should go back to its normal shape.

4. People View Belly Buttons Differently Around the World

Shibukawa Japan

Believe it or not, people have different options about the navel depending on where they live. It used to be considered taboo by many cultures in Western civilizations, but in other cultures, the belly button is celebrated.

The Hokai Hesso Matsuri, also known as the Belly Button Festival, is an event celebrated in a town called Shibukawa, Japan. Japan believes that life began in the belly button, and that’s why they celebrate it. It takes place in Shibukawa because, in Japan, this town is known as the belly button of Japan.


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