stain your teeth

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! Tooth discoloration doesn’t have to result from your daily coffee habit. It takes lots of commitment and consistent work to avoid coffee-stained teeth, but it can be done.

Hot coffee seeps very easily into the tiny pores inside tooth enamel. Whether cold or hot, the dark coloring of coffee becomes very noticeable from these pores when not regularly removed from tooth enamel.

At first, this affects mainly the top layer of your teeth and is removable. Over time, coffee can seep inside the deeper layers of your teeth. This type of multi-layer tooth discoloration — called intrinsic stain — is very difficult to remove.

What can you do to prevent permanent coffee stains on your teeth? Follow these eight easy tips that will keep your teeth looking their best, even while enjoying coffee regularly.

8. Brushing and Cleanings Are Your First Defense

Brush Properly

This might be stating the obvious, but brushing your teeth every day will help keep coffee stains at bay. Plus, regular teeth cleanings at the dentist’s office are important to eliminate plaque buildup.

Coffee and other foods mix with naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth, creating plaque. That plaque is a breeding ground for tooth discoloration. It also could eventually cause tooth decay. Regular cleanings and daily brushing help keep plaque and coffee stains at a bare minimum in your mouth.

7. Be Sure to Floss Daily


Removing plaque between your teeth will also help save them from coffee stains. Flossing to remove plaque from your gums is just as important as brushing. It’s also essential for overall oral health.

Brushing doesn’t remove all of the bacteria and food buildup that nestles between your pearly whites. Coffee stains can spread from those unseen crevices just as easily as anywhere else.

Prevent permanent coffee stains on your teeth by flossing every day. If it’s a new habit that’s hard to remember, make it part of your bedtime routine.


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