Is your stomach feeling fat? Is it hard to get into that dress or those jeans? It can be embarrassing if you have a date or a party and your tummy is feeling bloated, larger than normal and uncomfortable.

Bloating is commonly due to gas buildup in the gastrointestinal tract, sometimes accompanied by burping. It can be related to physical issues, the type of foods you eat or lifestyle habits. In most cases, this problem can resolve on its own with some changes in habits or diets.

8. Digestive Issues Can Cause Bloating


If you have these symptoms after eating, it could be due to a food allergy or intolerance, such as to wheat, eggs, or lactose intolerance. Or it can be from eating high-fat foods and eating your food too fast.

Constipation can make your tummy feel fuller and tighter, and you may need to add fiber or more probiotics, the good bacteria to help the intestines work better.

7. Increase Your Activity and Exercise

Effective Core Exercises

Any form of exercise or movement of your abdominal muscles, like in yoga, encourages the release of gas or bloating and creates stronger muscles. Better posture and toning, even if just walking or stretching, can prevent the bloated feeling.

6. Foods That Cause Bloating


Yes, they do tell you to eat more kale, but too much kale or any cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, or of course beans, can fill up the tummy. It’s this fermenting process, a buildup of the methane gas from food breakdown, that can bring on bloating.

Decrease or limit how much you consume these foods. You might want to try the FODMAP diet, which eliminates these offending foods, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Drinks That Bloat the Tummy

Drinking Soda

Sorry to say, but even caffeine is a culprit. Extreme exercisers, workout buffs and athletes usually drink sports drinks to rehydrate and add electrolytes. What you may not realize is that they have added artificial sugars, flavors and sodium that may cause bloating or gas.

Make sure you drink plain water to hydrate better and flatten that tummy. Too many sodas can also bring on the bloated feeling.

Also beware of alcohol, as it lowers your good bacteria and can cause gastritis or liver inflammation, making the stomach or intestines not feel too good!

4. Massage the Abdominal Muscles to Relieve Bloating

Stomach Massage

You can do this massage yourself by rubbing in a circular motion lightly upwards toward the right side of the rib cage, then across upper belly to the left side. When you’re bloated it will be sensitive, but this light movement will help move the gas up and out. This massage works better when you are laying down.

3. Use Herbal Teas or Essential Oils to Relieve Bloating

Green Tea

An herbal tea of ginger or fennel after a full meal can help decrease the bloating or gas. If you like essential oils, use fennel, peppermint, or chamomile; you can add a drop of oil to water or tea to drink, or rub a drop of oil with some coconut or almond oil onto the abdominal area for relief.

2. Lifestyle Habits to Avoid and Flatten Your Tummy

Chewing Gum

Smoking, eating quickly, and chewing gum are habits that cause you to intake excess air, which causes bloating. Either slow or delete these habits to flatten your tummy.

1. Best Foods to Eat to Flatten Your Tummy


Pineapple and papaya contain two enzymes, bromelain, and papain, that help aid the digestion of proteins. Bananas have a lot of potassium, which helps combat the salty food that causes bloating. Celery is a diuretic that helps you with water retention.

Yogurt and kefir give you the good bacteria which will aid digestion and help fight the bad bacteria that might be the cause of bloating. Other good foods are cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, and leafy lettuce greens that are high in water and minerals like magnesium to decrease salt intake.



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