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Are you changing your underwear as often as they should? In a 2019 survey by underwear manufacturer Tommy John, Men were 2.5 times more likely than women to go for a week or more without changing their underwear.

Underwear has a more significant effect on your health than your think, and wearing the wrong kinds can increase the risk of infection. Continue reading to make sure you’re not making these underwear mistakes eight underwear mistakes.

8. The Crotch Isn’t Cotton

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We wear underwear all day long, so it should be made up of the most natural materials. It is ideal to have 100% cotton underwear, but especially in the crotch area. These natural fibers will keep you feeling fresh and dry.

A 2018 study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology suggests underwear that doesn’t have a cotton crotch can lead to a yeast infection. One of the most uncomfortable infections there is! Who would want that?

Materials that can mess with vaginal health include synthetic fabrics such as polyester and lace. They trap heat and moisture, causing irritation and creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Unfortunately, silk has the same effect. With that said, stick to cotton to avoid vaginal irritation and yeast infections.

7. The Size is Too Small

underwear infection

If you still have the same underwear you wore before your hips came in, it is definitely time to throw them out. Tight-fitting undergarments suffocate your lady bits, making the area hot and sweaty, resulting in irritation and infection.

In some cases, a painful condition known as vulvodynia can occur.  Tight underwear should be avoided at all costs. It can play a big part in inhibiting a breeding ground for bacteria.


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