Gives a Shine to Your Smile 

Shine Smile

Baking Soda works wonders on your teeth, quickly removing coffee and tea stains. It also heals mouth ulcers and keeps your gums happy and far away from gingivitis. Heck, it will even fight the plaque for you! And while it does all these good things, it combats bad breath and keeps your mouth always smelling fresh.

For the elderly, there is more good news, as it can be safely used on dentures. But be warned – while all this is great, overuse can harm the very gums and teeth. So use baking soda as a weekend pick-me-up for your teeth, and not in lieu of your regular toothpaste. You also may way to cut back on the soda drinking. Soda is bad for your health and just as rough on your teeth.

Acts as a Friendly Digestive Aid 

baking soda

Acid in your stomach is causing indigestion? Stop with that potentially addictive antacid, and drink a diluted glass of baking soda instead (a quarter teaspoon in a glass of water). Are you vulnerable to heartburn? The same solution works here too! Challenged with frequent flatulence? Baking soda holds the key for you.

Simply add a pinch of baking soda when you soak gaseous foods like sprouts and kidney beans, and then cook them as you normally do. There is more. The medical community likes baking soda too (as you will find out below). If you suffer from kidney disorders, a daily dose of baking soda can help your tired kidney more easily break and digest acidic foods, and clear the blood of excess acid content. But of course, this has to be used only under medical supervision.

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Works as an All-round Medical Aid 

medical cream

Health experts also recommend using baking soda, to naturally heal rashes, itching, and insect bites. Skin specialists claim that it is often the magic ingredient used in skin creams and lotions. This is the reason baking soda also doubles up as a skin care agent.

Some people go all out and even use it as a hair care agent. We strongly advise you against this, as it sucks the natural moisture from your hair, turning your scalp dry and itchy. If you only mean to use it to remove excess oil, then make sure to adequately condition your hair after use.

In addition, baking soda can be your new best friend when you are down with the flu. Here, experts suggest salt-water cleansing techniques (using baking soda) to decongest the nose and help heal the body faster.



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