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Baking soda, aka sodium bicarbonate, has some great properties that can add amazing value to your everyday life. This innocuous looking salt can unleash the superwoman (or man) in you, making you an absolute whizz in the garden, within your home kitchen, in the garage, and even within the confines of your washroom.

Yes, baking soda has all the good stuff. Its power comes from its simple ability to make anything acid, less acidic. It also helps to balance the pH value, thus neutralizing high alkaline elements too. This is impressive and you will discover through these eight remarkable ways it can enhance your life!

Adds Sparkle to Your Kitchen 

Sparkle Kitchen

Here is a tip, make baking soda your handy kitchen apprentice. Interestingly, it is one of those rare chemicals that can make worn-out and over-used things look great again. So use a pinch of baking soda on a wet sponge, before you attack that kitchen sink (or even those grimy tiles). And voila, see it glisten again!

Stubborn stains ruining the look of your fancy fridge or microwave? Slap on some soda power and wipe away as those stains retreat into invisibility. Tough grease stains eating up your utensils? Don’t sweat it, and just let baking soda take care of it. Missing your organic fruit and veggies? Scrub the chemically treated stuff with good old baking soda and water, and you can rest easy that the pesticides have all been washed away.

You can even use it to disinfect your entire kitchen (including the floor), protecting it from bad odors, roaches, mosquitoes, ants, and other unwanted guests. As you can see, this handy assistant is indeed a big boon in the kitchen!

Brings the Zing back to Your Laundry 

clean laundry

Laundry aficionados will agree that we all need a little something extra from time to time to rejuvenate our clothes. It could be a bleach to whiten yellow shirts, or softeners to make rough towels bearable again, or strong stain removers for those blotches that just won’t go away, or that odd disinfectant to spring clean your washing machine.

But what if one harmless chemical can fix it all? You guessed it, baking soda does it all, but without the toxicity of bleach, softeners, or deodorizers. In fact, it is safe enough to use on baby clothes and diapers too. Need we say more?

Gives a Shine to Your Smile 

Shine Smile

Baking Soda works wonders on your teeth, quickly removing coffee and tea stains. It also heals mouth ulcers and keeps your gums happy and far away from gingivitis. Heck, it will even fight the plaque for you! And while it does all these good things, it combats bad breath and keeps your mouth always smelling fresh.

For the elderly, there is more good news, as it can be safely used on dentures. But be warned – while all this is great, overuse can harm the very gums and teeth. So use baking soda as a weekend pick-me-up for your teeth, and not in lieu of your regular toothpaste. You also may way to cut back on the soda drinking. Soda is bad for your health and just as rough on your teeth.

Acts as a Friendly Digestive Aid 

baking soda

Acid in your stomach is causing indigestion? Stop with that potentially addictive antacid, and drink a diluted glass of baking soda instead (a quarter teaspoon in a glass of water). Are you vulnerable to heartburn? The same solution works here too! Challenged with frequent flatulence? Baking soda holds the key for you.

Simply add a pinch of baking soda when you soak gaseous foods like sprouts and kidney beans, and then cook them as you normally do. There is more. The medical community likes baking soda too (as you will find out below). If you suffer from kidney disorders, a daily dose of baking soda can help your tired kidney more easily break and digest acidic foods, and clear the blood of excess acid content. But of course, this has to be used only under medical supervision.

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Works as an All-round Medical Aid 

medical cream

Health experts also recommend using baking soda, to naturally heal rashes, itching, and insect bites. Skin specialists claim that it is often the magic ingredient used in skin creams and lotions. This is the reason baking soda also doubles up as a skin care agent.

Some people go all out and even use it as a hair care agent. We strongly advise you against this, as it sucks the natural moisture from your hair, turning your scalp dry and itchy. If you only mean to use it to remove excess oil, then make sure to adequately condition your hair after use.

In addition, baking soda can be your new best friend when you are down with the flu. Here, experts suggest salt-water cleansing techniques (using baking soda) to decongest the nose and help heal the body faster.

Rejuvenates Your Tired Skin 

Rejuvenates Skin

Ladies, listen up – you can happily skip your expensive spa treats and watch baking soda create the same wonders for your skin. It works as an excellent foot scrub, so soak up its warmth in a tub of baking soda mixed with water. Discard the branded bath salts, and add a spoon on baking soda to your luxurious bath. You can even use it as soap during your shower, as it also blesses you with its exfoliating properties.

And for the men, revitalize yourself after a tough workout with a baking soda aided shower (use it like soap). This will re-energize your tired muscles and help you relax faster.

The humble baking soda is indeed a unique gift that works wonders for both men and women!

Works as an Active Deodorizer 

baking soda

And we mean “active” beyond your imagination! So this little agent here can deodorize all your cabinets, the fridge and microwave, kitchen utensils (even your cutting board), storage boxes (like your lunch box), household equipment such as the dishwasher and your vacuum cleaner, pet bedding and toys, kitchen and bathroom drains, garbage disposals and litter boxes, and plenty more.

And we do mean more – housekeeping experts even advise its use to drive the stink away from your musty carpet. Oh, and don’t forget to use them to clean up and whiten your smelly shoes. What a Godsend!

Enhances your Garden’s Beauty

flower garden

This little element can fortify your garden in several ways. Are your home-grown tomatoes more on the sour side? Scatter a spoon of baking soda in its soil, and watch the tomatoes sweeten. Need a natural way to get rid of garden pests? Create a liquid with one spoon baking soda, quarter cup oil. Use 2-3 spoons of this mixture with 1 liter of water, and happily spray it on all your plants. The rodents and nasty insects will vanish, even as your roses begin to thrive.

In fact, gardening experts often use a mild spray of baking soda to make flowers bloom quicker and bigger. And if you are in the habit of exhibiting the best flora from your garden in your home in a vase, add a pinch of baking soda to its water. The flowers will stay fresh, longer.

You might wonder how this rather banal cooking ingredient has so many brilliant uses outside the kitchen. Baking soda is one heck of a neutralizer, effectively balancing anything that has too much acid or alkaline content. This is what makes it so effective on toxic material – in our kitchen, on our floors, out in the garden, or even within our body.

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The surprising truth is that most of today’s cleaning agents also use baking soda as their primary ingredient. And here is where we ask you – why use a middleman (and a toxic one at that), when you can get your hands on the original, so easily and cheaply? Yes, this is what makes baking soda a winner for you!



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