Weight Loss

When embarking on the weight loss game, the cards are undoubtedly stacked against you, as food marketers have spent millions researching the best ways to attract consumers. By targeting clients with certain colors, flavors, scents, and attractive packaging, they ultimately know how to get you to eat more. However, in the past few years, brain researchers have discovered the tricks to help you suppress your hunger hormones. You can beat the urge to eat by using these science-backed strategies to reach your weight loss goals.

8. Hang a Mirror in Your Dining Room


Research has shown that people who eat in front of a mirror are less likely to enjoy junk food, and also eat less of it. However, people who sat in front of a mirror to eat healthy food felt better about themselves and also enjoyed their vegetables. Researchers believe that your reflection holds you accountable for your food choices.

7. Clean Your Kitchen


Spending as little as 10 minutes cleaning and uncluttering your kitchen can make you more likely to reach for a healthy snack. According to a study in Environment and Behavior, volunteers who spent time in a disorganized kitchen were more likely to reach for snacks like cookies and ate about more 100 calories, all of which were junk food.


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