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COVID-19 isn’t considered just a respiratory disease anymore. As more novel coronavirus cases come and go, it’s clear that this virus can have a significant effect on the blood and cardiovascular health. You or your loved ones might have symptoms of COVID-19 stemming from your bloodstream. Those main symptoms, or warning signs, can include conditions of subtle concern to extreme life-threatening events. Check out these eight warning signs to watch for if you suspect you or your family members have contracted coronavirus.

8. Abnormal Numbness and Swelling


One warning sign of coronavirus in the blood is unusual numbness and swelling. These symptoms could indicate that you’ve developed one or multiple blood clots from COVID-19. If that’s the case, the swelling and numbness are likely due to a blood clot — also called a thrombus — blocking the blood flow to that area. The resulting tingling and swelling from a blood clot often begin in your hands, feet, arms or legs. Cramping and throbbing sensations might also indicate a blood clot is blocking healthy blood flow to those areas.

7. Blood Clots and Factor V

Blood Clots

Abnormal blood clots have become a common warning sign of COVID-19, and are particularly threatening to people who suffer serious illness from the virus. Blood vessel blockage from these clots could trigger serious conditions like deep vein thrombosis, heart attack or stroke.

Blood clots associated with COVID-19 seem to also be connected to a blood clotting protein called factor V. A recent study in the American Journal of Hematology found that patients with severe cases of COVID-19 had significantly higher levels of factor V in their blood, believed to be linked to coronavirus blood clots.


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