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Gone are the days when you could walk into a hotel room, drop your suitcase onto the ground, and plop yourself onto the bed. Now, each doorknob and pillowcase can harbor a potential microscopic killer. The hotel room minibar no longer looks like fun; it seems like an infection control issue. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed travel for the time being, maybe forever. The world may have to reimagine ways to make flying safer and minimize infection when traveling. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides guidelines for “personal and social activities,” one of which is Traveling Overnight which includes hotel rooms. In the guidelines, much of the focus is on the check-in and registration portion of the experience. However, the hotel room itself remains a point of concern.  

As customers, we may have to take it upon ourselves to ensure our safety. One way to do that is to inspect our environment wherever we go. A hotel room should be on that list of places to inspect. After all, a hotel stay will bring you into close contact with an unfamiliar environment for an extended time. Making sure your hotel room has been disinfected and cleaned is essential for a safe stay. Your health and safety are on the line. The following are some tips to help you spot clear signs that your hotel room could use more cleaning.  

1. Look for Dust

Dust On Table

First, do the same thing you would do at your own home and check for dust. Let a little sprinkling (or more) of dust be a red flag for you. Dust on the side tables and bathroom counters mean that the room requires more cleaning. Dusting a table or a counter is the simplest thing to do. If proper dusting did not occur, then you can assume that the other, more in-depth aspects of cleaning were not done correctly, if at all. 

2. Check the Coffee Maker or Kettle


Leftover water or moisture in the coffee maker means that it hasn’t had any cleaning done since at least the last occupant. That means the previous occupant handled the coffee maker and the dishware around it. Cleaning the hotel room appliances is on every hotel room cleaner’s list. If the coffee pot is not clean, it means other items in the room may have been missed as well, despite being on a cleaning checklist. 


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