3. Inspect the Bed Sheets and Comforter


Check to see if the bed has any hairs, bugs, insect droppings, or non-laundry-related scents (women’s perfume, body odor, etc.). According to a recent research article published in The Lancet, COVID-19 does not last long on porous surfaces. On cloth surfaces, the virus can only last about 48 hours. Unfortunately, if the bedsheets were used in the last two days and not cleaned, they could still contain viruses. So, check the sheets when you stay at a hotel. Better yet, bring your own sheets and pillows. 

4. Look at the Shower 

Cooler Showers

You’ll know a sparkling clean shower when you see it. We all know what it looks like. If you see a film from old suds or a clump of hair that’s not from your body, then it needs cleaning. Look around the drain area to see if there are hair or soap particles. A well-cleaned room should have a spotless shower area. 

5. Check the Bathroom Sink Area

Bathroom Sinks

Are there toothpaste remnants in the sink? Is there makeup powder scattered throughout the counter? If the sink area looks used, it probably was and hasn’t been disinfected. The sink area in a hotel room shouldn’t look like the sink area in your own home on a Tuesday morning. 



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