6. Look at the Toilet and the Floor Around It


Take a quick look at the toilet and the floor. Dust, hair, or water spots could mean the area wasn’t clean or disinfected. And we can all agree that this area should be as sanitary as possible. 

7. Inspect the Windowsills

Open Window

A mound of dead bugs or droppings at the bottom of a window is a red flag that the area has not been cleaned or inspected for quite awhile. The lack of attention to detail may extend to the rest of the room. The window itself may not be a direct COVID-19 issue, but the fact that it’s not clean says something about the housekeeping practices of a hotel. 

8. Check the Mirrors


Finding handprints and smears on mirrors is a sign that the room needs further cleaning. Mirrors pick up dirt and oils easily, but they’re also very noticeable. A filthy mirror might reflect a dirty room. 



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