Losing Weight

You’ve decided to lose weight and stick to it! Great! You’ve got the first part down, but now comes the hard work behind the magic number on the scale. But aside from getting and staying on track, it can be difficult for some people to stick to the process, especially on days where energy and motivation levels are running low.

Worry not! Keep these eight thought processes in mind to help you stay on track to reach your weight goals, even on the most lazy days.

8. Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight

Determine Lose Weight

Establishing why you want to lose weight is more important than you might think. The reason why you’re losing weight should be unique to you, as it will be your mission statement to build momentum on your journey and help you refocus should you fall off track.

7. Define Your Obstacles


A lack of enthusiasm can be a symptom of factors like fatigue, high-stress levels, and feeling overwhelmed. Try to create strategies to help combat hesitation. For instance, if you are worried about failing, start with small changes that include making smoothies or meditating. By the time you start to talk yourself out of it, you’ll have already checked it off your list.


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