3. Kick Your Bottled Water Habit

bottled water

They may be convenient, but bottled water impacts the world negatively. Not only are they costly, but bottled water contributes needlessly to waste. Bottled water may also contain BPA. Even if your water is cold while drinking it, you don’t know if the bottled water was stored in heat during transport. This heat can cause BPA to leak into the bottles. 

2. Buy and Store Food in Glass Jars

Glass Food Jars

Instead of purchasing food in cans or storing them in plastic containers, you can use glass jars. Glass jars are a bit more expensive, but they’re reusable and pretty. You can drink out of them, too! 

1. Watch How You Handle Your Receipts 

Cash Register Receipts

Thermal paper receipts contain BPA. The most common source of thermal paper is the receipt you receive from each store you frequent. It’s worse if you use hand sanitizer and then handle the receipts because the chemicals can release the paper’s BPA. 

Although the FDA remains firm in its stance that BPA is safe at its current levels, it does recognize the growing concern regarding BPA. The FDA continues to review the research and changes its recommendations to reflect new findings. 

As a consumer, you can educate yourself about BPA. By making your own decisions about what you purchase and use, you can help protect yourself from BPA’s dangers.

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