There are many different types of medication you can take to help increase the flow of bile in the gallbladder, but why take medication when you can use natural remedies? With the help of these foods and herbs, you can give your gallbladder an extra boost.

9. Artichokes


Artichoke leaves contain caffeoylquinic acids that encourage the flow of bile, which aids in the digestive process by breaking down fats. Place two artichokes in a shallow dish and fill with approximately one inch of water. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and cook on high for five minutes in the microwave. Make sure the dish you are using is microwave safe. To eat, remove the flesh from the leaf between your teeth and discard the soft part of the leaf.

8. Sauerkraut Juice


Sauerkraut is fermented beige cabbage that is full of good bacteria (more than can be found in yogurt), which aids the intestinal tract and the immune system and promotes the flow of bile when used regularly. Drink half a cup of sauerkraut juice once or twice a week before breakfast.


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