Urine Making

Urinating is one of the most common processes in the body. On average, most people need to pee between six to eight times a day, but if you’re constantly drinking water, it’s normal if you need to go as much as ten times per day. 

Still, not everyone’s urine is the same. Some people might suffer from smellier urine than the rest. Although this is also common, it might be uncomfortable for most people. If you suffer from smelly urine, here are nine things that are causing it.

9. You Might Be Dehydrated


If you’re smelling a bad smell in your urine, the most common cause is dehydration or just not drinking enough water. 

Since urine is a mixture of waste products and water in the body, dehydration leads to less water content in the body, making the urine more concentrated with the waste products. This makes the urine to become smelly. 

As a tip, to know if your body is dehydrated, check your urine’s color. If your urine has a dark orange, honey, or amber color, this means you might be dehydrated. If that’s the case, you need to increase the amount of water you’re drinking. 

On the other hand, if your urine is more transparent or pale, this means you’re hydrated, and there could be another reason why your urine is smelly. 

8. Certain Foods and Diets Can Cause Smelly Urine


Asparagus is the vegetable commonly regarded as the case of smelly urine in most people, but that’s not always the case. This is because the digestive system works differently for different people, meaning you can eat asparagus and notice no change in your urine smell. 

There is a particular enzyme responsible for completely breaking down asparagus in the body. If the digestion is carried out thoroughly, the sulfur metabolite is released as the byproduct, which gives urine ammonia or sulfur smell. 

It’s possible to have similar effects when you eat onions, salmon, curry, Brussels sprouts, garlic, and alcohol. To reduce the strong smell in your urine after eating these foods, you’ll need to drink a lot of water to dilute the urine and minimize the stench. Of course, as we mentioned, every body works differently, so try to understand your body and learn which foods might cause smelly urine in your situation.


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